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Welcome to Bouncy Bunch, central India’s largest and MP’s first interactive play area for kids, 14,000 sq. feet of fun, and the dream place for your little rockstar!

Our idea behind creating this place is to build an interactive and viable space, where every kid can learn the art of sharing, caring, and playing together. The good thing about interactive soft play space is it helps children to grow overall, mentally and physically, as interaction with other kids at such an impressionable age is very important to their growth and development. As we all know that a healthy child is a happy child, let’s work for their betterment together.

Our sole motive is to create a generation free from gadget, boredom, and single child loneliness. Gadgets may act like a loneliness alleviator but it’s taking them away from the real world. By means of Bouncy Bunch, we want to help them be smart, active, healthy, and interactive.

Boredom is the worst thing you can give your child, so bring them here to experience the joy of playing together. There are over 75 activities for your kids to choose from! All these activities are chosen and added as per the needs and wants of children. The activities are classified in different age groups because the mental and physical capacity of a 2 year old is vastly different from that of a 10 year old.

Here kids can jump up high on the trampoline, go around happily in merry-go-rounds, make shapes with kinetic sand, become a ninja, and so much more. And for the tech-savvy kids, there are many VR games to choose from to live in another reality. All this under the heavy watch and supervision from our trained staff because kids safety does come first.

Every corner of the playzone is under the watchful eyes of CCTV cameras, no crooks and crannies left unseen! We have a skilled and experienced security personnel placed on guard for 24 hours under strict orders to not let any outsiders in. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to the safety and security of your ward.

We have a fully-stocked toy shop to buy gifts for the kids, a cafe to get delicious snacks and sweets for yourself or your kids and themed-party halls for when it’s your kid’s special day! We also have a feeding room for when the little ones are hungry and you need some privacy.

We know cleanliness and hygiene is most important to you and to us too, thus, there are separate washrooms for the kids and the staff. There’s a sweeper on-call too to clean-up any messes. We are fully equipped to handle any situation that may arise!
We ensure every child that goes inside comes back out happy, wanting to visit again!
So, let your kids be kids at Bouncy Bunch and enjoy a day out.

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